Raita Dahivada Masala

INGREDIENTS: Jeera, Fenugreek leaves, Coriander Seed, Mace, Ajwain, Salt, Dried Ginger, Nutmeg, Red Chilli, Black Salt, Dried Mango, Big Cardamom.

Tanhaji Raita Masala sounds like a wonderful blend of spices that can truly enrich your raita. This all-in-one combination of Indian masalas, including cumin, coriander, mint, black salt, and chaat masala, gives your simple curd and vegetables a delicious savoury touch. Just a sprinkle of Tanhaji Raita Masala can enhance the overall taste of your raita, providing a delightful and aromatic element to the dish. Whether you’re preparing a simple side dish or a grand feast, Tanhaji Raita Masala is sure to make your raita the star of the meal.

  • Packaging Size 100g / 50g
  • Form Dried
  • Type Powder

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