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Experience the same old authentic taste of Indian Spices

We aim to source the finest quality spices, process and blend them with optimal quality standards, and supply them in their purest form.

We are committed to deliver high-quality Indian spices. We are delivering spices across the country from our state-of-the-art facility assuring the client’s orders reach quickly and perfectly. With our in-depth understanding of prevailing and forthcoming food industry trends, we offer solutions that redefine spices as you see them.

Tanhaji Spices is engaged in crafting palatable flavors with natural colors and aromas of spices at most economic prices to meet the culinary needs of spices for the global food industry. Tanhaji Spices offers a range of spices in various packaging to meet the unique demand of the food industry supplying spices ensuring end-to-end food safety.

With Tanhaji Spices you can be rest assured to get spices with the best flavor, freshness, consistency, and purity, at a reasonable price.

What Makes Us Different

We Come From Experience Of Spices


Trust is the cornerstone of Tanhaji Spices. We value the trust you place in us to provide you with the finest culinary experiences. From sourcing the best ingredients to maintaining stringent quality standards, we prioritize your trust in every step of our journey.


Our commitment to you goes beyond taste; it's about care. We care about the ingredients we use, the flavors we create, the experiences we deliver and the people who help you deliver. Every product is a result of meticulous attention and a deep passion for satisfying your cravings. With Tanhaji Spices, you can be assured that every bite is crafted with care.


Innovation is the spark that ignites our flavors. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of taste, constantly exploring new culinary horizons. Our unique multi-cuisine approach blends tradition with innovation, crafting products that excite and surprise your palate.

What we Manufacture

Authenticity & Purity


Be it sourcing, production or processing, sustainability is at the heart of all that we do. We’re committed to minimizing our ecological footprint across our supply chain, while improving farm practices, producing quality & farm income at large.

At Tanhaji Spices, we believe in creating a culture of optimal utilization of resources, so our future generations could also thrive on the countless gifts bestowed on us by nature.

Sourced for Excellence

Our quest for perfection leads us to authentic sources, ensuring only the finest ingredients make their way into our offerings. Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do.


No doubts Indian spices & seasonings are something which awakens our taste buds just from its fragrance. No dish is complete without the tanginess of the spices. It is said that masalas are an important part of the kitchens of India. But spices should be made in such a way that even its aroma mesmerizes the senses of the people. Now you can also get authentic Indian Spices which includes Blended Spices, and Spice Powders from your nearest daily need stores. Enjoy the 100% authentic spices with a mouthwatering taste under one roof at our online spice store.


We at tanhaji spices offer the best quality spices in India by understanding the different taste buds and choices of flavors. Our decades of experience has helped us in realizing that Indian dining tables seem incomplete with a delicious and aromatic dish. Whether it is about breakfast, lunch or dinner, we prepare some irresistibly delicious cuisines using pure and hygienic spices and kitchen essentials. Tanhaji spices bring you a broad range of garden-fresh selection of products made from the homemade ingredients & modern-day technology methodology under the expert’s hands. Our products are  your one stop solutions for all your cooking spices needs.


Tanhaji Spices is one of the trusted spices brands recognized for providing exotic flavored masalas and seasoning for traditional Indian dishes. We have gained a great reputation in our different kinds of spices of each region of India. Our products include an extensive assortment of blended spices, whole spices, ground spices, and curry powder. We give you the reasons to choose us –

Sourcing only the finest of ingredients

Pure and unadulterated Flavors

Ethical Business Practices

FSSAI certified spices

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