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Our state-of-the-art production facility at ——–is equipped with ultra-modern, fully automated technology which can produce our range of spices without any kind of human intervention. It’s not only producing 100% pure spices but also generating employment opportunities for nearby villagers.

Technical Details:


  • Production Capacity: 90 MT per day.
  • Products: Basic Spices, Blended Spices, Whole Spices, Powder Spices and Asafoetida
  • Total Products: 80, Total SKU: 285
  • Area: 21115. Sqmt.
  • FFS Form Fill Seal Pouch Packing Machine – 1000 UPM, 50 MT per shift
  • Check weightier system to ensure correct weight
  • Proper Ventilation (Fresh cool air intake / Exhaust) for workmen comfort
  • Ensured GMP / Food safety adherence
  • Graders / Aspirators (to remove impurities) classifier (to remove stone, metal, jute & plastic thread) Process System (to retain natural colour, aroma & taste)


To fulfil our commitment towards producing 100% pure and unadulterated Indian spices, we’ve followed certain compliances and obtained required licenses from the authorities. Here we’ve noted details of the same.

  • Compliance with BRC Rules & Regulations
  • Plant Design, Building Design & Machinery Design
  • Personal Hygiene Design
  • Quality Control Laboratory Design
  • Electricals Design
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Hygiene, Documentation, Standard Operating Procedure
  • ISO-22000/14000 & HACCP License
  • FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)
  • We have Spices Board License for Export
  • We maintain same quality raw materials for domestic and international market


Purity of spices can only be achieved through quality driven processes. To make sure only the best quality spices get produced, we’ve built a laboratory for quality tests and followed strict rules and regulations at each stage of the production as mentioned below.

Quality checks at all the stages of spices

  • a) Raw Materials
  • b) In Process
  • c) Finished Goods
  • 50+ extensive quality checks & 100% traceability system implemented
  • Assured consistency in quality taste, aroma, color and hygiene
  • Control High VO (Volatile Oil) Content in all raw materials
  • 100% automation (untouched by hand) plant, which gives bacteria free products
  • CTG (Controlled Temperature Grinding Process)
  • 100% Natural Ingredients are sourced
  • Instruments Lab: UV Spectrophotometer: to test all pungency/ chilly color/ piperine/ curcumin/ adulterant


  • Proper storage of spices is crucial to retain the aroma and taste of the spices for a longer period of time. To ensure that the spices are kept in the appropriate temperatures and hygienic conditions, we’ve implemented certain rules and installed the following storage systems.
  • Powder storage IBC Hopper
  • Intermediate bulk container capacity – 500kg.
  • Same vessel is used for feeding to packaging
  • High power vacuum process is used to clean it.
  • 1500 Pallet in Raw Material Storage and 700 Pallets in Finished goods Storage (421 MT) i.e. 25 truck loads
  • Each pallet follows racking system which is bar-coded and labeled
  • Vehicle Inspection / Sampling / Packing material/ Quality Checks
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