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We, at Tanhaji Spices are committed to providing customers with range of safe and hygienic Spice Powders and Mixed Spice Powders. It will be our endeavor to understand customers expectations. This will be achieved though continual improvement of Quality Managements System and Process improvement.

We aim at overall leadership in the Market though empowered employees, sustained efforts and continually improving our Product Quality.

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No doubts Indian spices & seasonings are something which awakens our taste buds just from its fragrance. No dish is complete without the tanginess of the spices. It is said that masalas are an important part of the kitchens of India. But spices should be made in such a way that even its aroma mesmerizes the senses of the people. Now you can also get authentic Indian Spices which includes Blended Spices, and Spice Powders from your nearest daily need stores. Enjoy the 100% authentic spices with a mouthwatering taste under one roof at our online spice store.


We at tanhaji spices offer the best quality spices in India by understanding the different taste buds and choices of flavors. Our decades of experience has helped us in realizing that Indian dining tables seem incomplete with a delicious and aromatic dish. Whether it is about breakfast, lunch or dinner, we prepare some irresistibly delicious cuisines using pure and hygienic spices and kitchen essentials. Tanhaji spices bring you a broad range of garden-fresh selection of products made from the homemade ingredients & modern-day technology methodology under the expert’s hands. Our products are  your one stop solutions for all your cooking spices needs.


Tanhaji Spices is one of the trusted spices brands recognized for providing exotic flavored masalas and seasoning for traditional Indian dishes. We have gained a great reputation in our different kinds of spices of each region of India. Our products include an extensive assortment of blended spices, whole spices, ground spices, and curry powder. We give you the reasons to choose us –

Sourcing only the finest of ingredients

Pure and unadulterated Flavors

Ethical Business Practices

FSSAI certified spices

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