Jeeravan/Poha Masala

INGREDIENTS: Black Pepper, Corriander Seed, Bay LEaf, Dried Mango, Hing, Clove, Jayfal, SAunf, Big Cardamom,Black Salt, Turmeric,Jeera, Dalchini, Red Chilli, Salt  and Dried Ginger.

Tanhaji’s Indori Poha Masala, also known as Jeeravan Masala, a wonderful blend of spices that can truly enrich your daily poha. Just a few pinches can bring the freshness of Indore to this favorite Indian breakfast. The versatility of this masala doesn’t stop with poha – it can be sprinkled on snacks for a chatpata Indori touch, and it acts as a perfect final sprinkle on raita, fruit chaats, and even pakoras. If you’re looking to elevate your morning poha or any regular dish, from salads and Indian curries to pakodas, Tanhaji’s Indori Poha Masala is a must-try.

  • Packaging Size 100g / 50g
  • Form Dried
  • Type Powder

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